Handcrafted Apothecary Playing Cards by Alexander Chin

Alexander Chin Shares The Handcrafted Apothecary Playing Cards Playing Cards

Alexander Chin, the lead designer of the award winning project Handcrafted Apothecary Playing Cards by Alexander Chin points out, In a market going increasingly digital this project explores the opposite, by transforming invisible concepts and ideas <Cropped>

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Docklets by Thade Precht

Thade Precht Discloses The Docklets Toy Bricks

Thade Precht, the author of the awarded work Toy bricks by Thade Precht demonstrates, Welcome to the world of Docklets – a new system of building bricks for both small and tall builders! Its hook and loop coins allow you to create 3d models which <Cropped>

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Sake Set:yozakura by Govy

Govy Discloses The Yozakura Sake Set

govy, the architect of the displayed project Yozakura by govy points out, Yozakura (lit. night Sakura) is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of the Sakura (cherry blossom) at night by gathering under lighted trees to celebrate nature’s bea <Cropped>

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Spray Package by Minsuk Kim

Minsuk Kim Demonstrates The Sucle Spray Package

Minsuk Kim, the designer of the awarded design Minsuk Kim's Sucle Spray Package illustrates, The Sucle is a spray package for young graffiti artists. Designating the symbol of artistic activity of the young graffiti artist as resistance, and foc <Cropped>

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Educational Product:shine and Find by Mohamad Montazeri

Mohamad Montazeri Shows The Shine and Find Educational Product

Mohamad Montazeri, the lead designer of the highlighted work Mohamad Montazeri's Shine and Find Educational Product explicates, The most important advantage of this product is the ease of learning and memory Improvement. In Shine and Find, every <Cropped>

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Travel Bag:cabin R by Michael Yim

Michael Yim Creates The Cabin R Travel Bag

Michael Yim, the creative mind behind the award winning project Travel Bag by Michael Yim illustrates, The Cabin R travel bag collection includes Vista Messenger and the Discovery Backpack. They are travel bags with electronic anti-theft technology t <Cropped>

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Memory Storage Device by Derrick Frohne

Derrick Frohne Portrays The Microsdhc Plus One Memory Storage Device

Derrick Frohne, the maker of the awarded work MicroSDHC Plus One by Derrick Frohne explains, Micro SDHC +1 is used in smartphones and portable gaming devices. With the adapter, Micro SDHC+1 transforms so it's compatible like an SD card for compu <Cropped>

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Clay Animation:out of The Blue by Serena Abraham

Serena Abraham Portrays The Out of The Blue Clay Animation

Serena Abraham, the thinktank behind the awarded project Clay Animation:Out of the Blue by Serena Abraham illustrates, A short stop motion animation about the rivalry between two father-son duos on who is the better fishing. Proving things may not al <Cropped>

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Ring by Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui

Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui Designs The Coral Extinction Ring

Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui, the thinktank behind the displayed design Coral Extinction by Sardonna Hin Ting Tsui says, Coral is found underwater and not many people get an opportunity to explore their beauty. These three wearable rings attempts to bring <Cropped>

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Award Winning Sultan Ceramic Wall Tiles

Tolga Berkay & Bien Design Team Portrays The Sultan Ceramic Wall Tiles

Tolga Berkay & Bien Design Team, the author of the displayed design Ceramic Wall Tiles by Tolga Berkay & Bien Design Team demonstrates, Bien Design Team, designed and inspired on the Ottoman bathing and hamam culture. The Bien Sultan Series w <Cropped>

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